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  • Private Air Conditioned Coach, Bicycles (Cycle Tour), Public Train (Scenic Train Journey)
  • 3 to 5 Star Hotels (Twin Sharing, Half-Board Basis) "13 Nights"
  • 13 Breakfasts, 13 Dinners and 1 lunch (Hands on Sri Lankan Culinary Experience)
  • All entrance fees to attractions included
  • GOVT Accredited National Tour Guide Lecturer
  • 15


Explore Sri Lanka's amazing wildlife with our 14-day tour, perfect for anyone who loves nature. This exciting trip, created by Heavenly Lanka, takes you through the island's most beautiful national parks and reserves. You’ll get to see a wide variety of animals and plants up close.

Sri Lanka is a place full of different habitats, from lush rainforests and peaceful grasslands to lively coastal areas. Bird lovers will be especially happy, as the island is home to about 440 types of birds, including 34 that are only found here. Every day brings a new opportunity to see these incredible birds in their natural surroundings.

This tour is great for all wildlife fans, whether you’re into birds, sea life, or large animals. You’ll learn a lot about these creatures and their homes. Our expert guides make sure that everyone respects the animals and the environment while exploring. Get ready to be amazed by the diversity and beauty of Sri Lanka’s wildlife on this two-week journey. It’s more than just a tour—it’s a chance to really experience the wild and create lasting memories.

Trip Highlights

  • Guided safari – Wilpattu National Park
  • Guided safari – Minneriya/Kaudulla/Hurulu Eco Park
  • Guided Walk - Udawatta Kele
  • Guided walk – Horton Plains National Park
  • Guided safari – Yala National Park
  • Guided walk – Sinharaja Rain Forest
  • Bird watching cycle tour – Girithale
  • Visit to the Temple of the Tooth – Kandy
  • Visit to the ancient Dutch Fortress – Galle
  • 27 Meals – 13 Breakfasts, 13 dinners, One Sri Lankan lunch with hands on cooking experience
  • 2 nights stay in Sinharaja Rainforest
  • 3-4 Star hotel accommodation
  • Covers Western province, North Western province, North Central province, Central province, Uva province and Sothern province


Begin your Sri Lankan adventure with a warm welcome upon arrival at Bandaranaike International Airport, followed by a transfer to your accommodation in Negombo. Depending on your arrival time, an initial meet-and-greet is planned for the evening.

Welcome to Sri Lanka

Head northwest to Wilpattu National Park, Sri Lanka's largest and oldest national park. Here, you'll go on a guided safari through the park's unique environment, known for its "willus" (natural lakes). These lakes are crucial for supporting the park’s variety of wildlife, including the elusive leopard, the park's main highlight.

But Wilpattu isn't just home to leopards. You can also see sloth bears, spotted deer, buffalo, and the majestic Asian elephant. The park features different landscapes like dense forests, scrublands, and open grasslands, each supporting a diverse range of life. If you love birds, you're in for a treat. Wilpattu is a great place to see many bird species, including the painted stork and various types of raptors, making your safari adventure even more exciting.

Wilpattu National Park

Start your day by exploring Anuradhapura, one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities and a cradle of early Sinhalese civilization. Wander through the well-preserved ruins of this ancient Sri Lankan capital, where you'll see huge dagobas (stupas), old pools, and crumbling temples that tell stories of a time when kings ruled and Buddhism thrived.

In the afternoon, head to Minneriya National Park, famous for "The Gathering," the largest known meeting of Asian Elephants in the world. This amazing event happens annually during the dry season when large herds of elephants gather to eat the grass on the reservoir beds, drink water, and socialize. Minneriya's diverse ecosystem, centered around the ancient Minneriya Tank, supports various wildlife including sambar deer, buffalo, crocodiles, and leopards, but the elephants are the main attraction. Bird watchers will also enjoy seeing the large flocks of birds that come to fish in the waters.

Your safari in Minneriya (or possibly in Kaudulla or Hurulu Eco Park, depending on where the elephants are) is not just a chance to see these majestic animals up close, but it also gives you a peek into the rich biodiversity of Sri Lanka's dry zone. This memorable adventure offers both a journey back in time through historical sites and the excitement of experiencing a spectacular natural event, highlighting the incredible beauty of Sri Lanka’s ancient heritage and its wild landscapes.

Minneriya National Park

After breakfast, start your journey to the Girithale Reservoir for a relaxing bike tour. This peaceful reservoir, surrounded by the beautiful landscapes of Sri Lanka, is not just an important water source but also a home for many bird species. As you ride along the water's edge, you'll see colorful birds and the green countryside that represents rural Sri Lanka.

The tour then takes you to a local village, where you get to see real Sri Lankan life. You'll meet villagers and learn how to cook traditional Sri Lankan dishes, like rice and curry. This hands-on experience lets you taste and understand the care that goes into making these delicious meals.

If biking gets too tough, you can always hop into a tuk-tuk to continue enjoying the tour without missing the scenery or local interactions.

The afternoon is free for you to relax. You can think about the day’s adventures or just enjoy the stunning views from your hotel. This day offers a wonderful mix of nature, culture, and food, showing you the vibrant life around the Girithale Reservoir.

Girithale, Sri Lanka

Discover the amazing Sigiriya Rock Fortress on your trip through Sri Lanka. Known as the Lion Rock, Sigiriya is a famous landmark that shows off the island's rich history. Built in the 5th century AD, it features advanced irrigation systems, stunning architecture, and beautiful frescoes of graceful ladies. These wall paintings are some of the best examples of ancient Sri Lankan art.

After exploring Sigiriya, head to Kandy, a city located among the central hills at 1500 feet above sea level. Kandy was the last capital of Sri Lanka's ancient kings and is home to the important Temple of the Tooth Relic, which holds Buddha's tooth. This sacred site is very important to both Sri Lankans and Buddhists around the world.

On your way to Kandy, visit a Spice Garden in Matale. Here, you can learn about local plants and the island's long history of spice farming. This stop will give you a better understanding of Sri Lanka's natural beauty and cultural traditions.

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Day 6 :

Start your day with a walk through Udawattekele Sanctuary, a lush green forest that was once a secret hideout for ancient Kandyan kings. Now, it's a beautiful place full of different bird species, like the Golden-fronted Leafbird, Yellow-fronted Barbet, and Yellow-browed Bulbul. It's a great spot for bird watching and you might even see the rare Dwarf Kingfisher.

You can also choose to visit a Gem Museum in the morning. Here, you will learn about Sri Lanka's famous gem industry, exploring the history and craft of gemstone mining.

In the afternoon, take a relaxing walk in the Royal Botanical Garden (Optional). This garden is home to many different types of plants, including orchids, spices, medicinal plants, and palm trees. It's a peaceful and educational experience.

End your day with a visit to the Temple of the Tooth Relic in Kandy. This important Buddhist site holds Buddha's tooth relic and offers a deep spiritual experience. If you are interested in more botanical beauty, you can also choose to visit the Peradeniya Royal Botanical Garden for an extended look at Sri Lanka's rich plant life.

Kandy, Sri Lanka

Today, travel to Nuwara Eliya, a town 1890 meters above sea level. Known as "Little England" because of its colonial look and feel, this charming town is nestled in the rolling hills of Sri Lanka's central highlands. Surrounded by beautiful, misty tea plantations, Nuwara Eliya offers stunning views of Mount Piduruthalagala, the highest peak in Sri Lanka at 2524 meters.

During our journey, we'll stop at a tea factory located among the lush plantations. Here, you'll learn how tea is made, an important part of Sri Lankan culture and economy. In the afternoon, you'll have free time to explore the quaint streets of Nuwara Eliya and meet the local people, adding a rich cultural experience to your visit.

You can also visit Victoria Park, a lovely green space in the town. Here, you might be lucky enough to see the rare Velvet-fronted Nuthatch and other birds. This day promises a mix of natural beauty, cultural experiences, and relaxed exploration in one of Sri Lanka's most beautiful settings.

Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

Start your day early with a trip to Horton Plains National Park, a beautiful highland area over 2000 meters above sea level. This special cloud forest is important because it collects water for several big rivers. It's famous for its hiking trails and great bird-watching spots. You'll begin with a packed breakfast, ready to explore the natural beauty of this protected area.

Horton Plains is perfect for nature lovers. You might see rare birds like the Ceylon Whistling Thrush, Ceylon Wood Pigeon, Yellow-eared Bulbul, Ceylon White-eye, and Dusky Blue Flycatcher. Keep an eye out for animals too, like the Purple-faced Leaf Monkey, Giant Squirrel, Sambar Deer, Barking Deer, and the unique Rhino Horn Lizard. This park is full of Sri Lanka's amazing wildlife.

Starting early means you can enjoy the peacefulness of one of Sri Lanka's most untouched areas. With stunning views and many unique species, Horton Plains will be a memorable highlight of your nature adventure.

Nuwara Eliya Houses

After breakfast, we take a scenic train ride from Nanu Oya to Ella, known as one of the best train rides in the world. Then, we drive down to sea level, going through the southeast hills of Sri Lanka. On the way, we stop at Ravana Falls in Ella, a beautiful waterfall perfect for taking photos.

In the afternoon, we continue to Yala National Park for a wildlife safari. Yala is Sri Lanka's second-largest wildlife sanctuary and is famous for having the most leopards in the world. The park has a mix of thorny scrub forests, grasslands, jungles, and coastal lagoons, which support a variety of animals and birds.

Wildlife lovers can see many birds like the Malabar Hornbill, Eurasian Spoonbill, Blue-faced Malkoha, Painted Stork, and many others. Yala is a top spot for birdwatching and wildlife photography in Sri Lanka.

Leopard, Yala National Park

Enjoy a relaxing day in the peaceful surroundings of Yala. It's a great break from the busy city life. You can take it easy and enjoy the natural beauty of one of Sri Lanka's most famous wildlife parks. You might go for a nature walk or just chill by the pool.

If you want to see more of Yala's amazing wildlife, you can go on an optional safari tour. You might see leopards, elephants, and many birds. This extra safari is a fun way to add adventure to your day and see more of Yala's wildlife. It's a chance to make unforgettable memories of Sri Lanka's natural beauty.

Yala National Park, Sri Lanka

Start an exciting trip from Yala to Sinharaja. You'll go from the dry lands of southeast Sri Lanka to the lush, green rainforests of Sinharaja, one of the country's most treasured natural sites. The Sinharaja Forest Reserve, at heights between 270 and 1060 meters, is famous for its rich variety of life. This thick, green forest is home to many different plants and animals, making it a true nature sanctuary.

Sinharaja is especially known for its birds. Birdwatchers will love seeing the Ceylon Blue Magpie, Red-faced Malkoha, Malabar Trogon, Spot-winged Thrush, Ceylon Scaly Thrush, Chestnut-backed Owlet, and White-faced Starling, among many other species. The birds' beautiful songs create a unique soundtrack to this ancient forest.

After dinner, get ready for a short night walk. This will give you a special look at the forest's night-time wildlife. This trip from Yala's rough terrains to Sinharaja's magical forest offers a wonderful journey through different environments, giving you an unforgettable experience of Sri Lanka's natural beauty.

Lankagama Sinharaja Forest Reserve

Dive into the heart of the rainforest for an amazing day of exploration and discovery. With help from your expert guide and an experienced forest tracker, you'll uncover the vibrant bird life that lives in this green wonderland. This day is a great chance to connect with nature and see many exotic birds in their natural home.

Your journey in the rainforest isn't just a walk; it's a learning adventure into the world of diverse plants and animals. This experience will deepen your appreciation for nature and leave you with unforgettable memories.

Sinharaja Forest Reserve

After breakfast, start a scenic trip to Sri Lanka's beautiful south coast. In the afternoon, visit the historic town of Galle. Known for its well-preserved Dutch Fortress, Galle shows off Sri Lanka's rich colonial history and impressive architecture. This UNESCO World Heritage site has strong walls and timeless streets, giving a fascinating look into the past where European and South Asian styles mix perfectly.

While exploring Galle, dive into its vibrant history. Visit the famous lighthouse, walk through charming streets with boutique shops and cafes, and admire the old ramparts that have stood strong over time. This visit to Galle is more than just a tour; it's like stepping back in time, offering an unforgettable look at Sri Lanka's colonial heritage and the unique charm of its southern coast.

Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

As our amazing 14-day journey through Sri Lanka's wildlife ends, we want to thank you for joining us. You will be taken to the airport for your flight home, with memories of the beautiful nature and diverse wildlife of Sri Lanka. We say goodbye with warm wishes and hope you come back to explore more of this magical island. Thank you for experiencing the wonders of Sri Lankan wildlife with us. We look forward to seeing you again. Have a safe trip home!

Galle City, Sri Lanka

Package Price

Cost Includes

  • Airport pickup and drop-off.
  • Twin-sharing accommodation on Half Board basis throughout the tour on hotels specified in your itinerary, or similar properties.
  • Transfers by an air-conditioned vehicle with an experienced English-speaking chauffeur OR National Guide Lecturer throughout the tour (depending on pax count).
  • Entrance fees and activities include.
  • • Wilpattu National Park / Jeep Safari
  • • Minneriya National Park / Jeep Safari
  • • Sigiriya Rock Fortress
  • • Bike Ride in Giritale,
  • • Kandy Temple of the Tooth Relic,
  • • Udawatte Kele
  • • Gem Museum Visit,
  • • Cultural Show – Kandy,
  • • Scenic Train Ride from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya or Nanu Oya to Ella (Reserved seats. 1st, 2nd, or 3rd class depending on availability),
  • • Horton Plains National Park/ Guided walk
  • • Yala National Park / Jeep Safari,
  • • 2 guided treks bordering the Sinharaja Rainforest and 1 guided trek inside the rainforest,
  • • Visit the historic Dutch Fortress Galle.
  • All applicable government taxes.

Cost Excludes

  • Lunch and other beverages throughout the tour unless specified in your itinerary.
  • Peak period and/or festive supplements indicated specifically in your itinerary.
  • Expenses of a personal nature.
  • Tips & Gratuities.
  • Video Camera and Still Camera permits.
  • Any other services not specified in your itinerary.
  • Optional excursions as specified in your itinerary

Hotels Offered

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Where can I check rates and availability?

If you have found a tour that you are interested in, send us a message and we will be happy to advise you of its rates and the latest availability.

What do I need to do to prepare for my arrival?

Full details on all you need to know about making preparations to visit Sri Lanka including COVID 19 restrictions are available on Sri Lanka’s Tourism Website. Your tour’s itinerary will be sent to you once we have received your enquiry. This will include a daily overview of the trip and some other general tour information as well as anything you need to consider in advance. This will include things like information ATMs, currency, optional excursions, tipping, and packing lists. Once your booking is confirmed and payment made, your final tour itinerary will be sent, approximately 2-3 weeks before you arrive, with full details including the hotels you will stay at.

How many people are allowed per tour?

We offer smaller packaged tours as we feel this gives a better experience for all, tour groups range in size but are generally from 5 – 18 people maximum. Apart from this, we offer customized tours, solo tours, and Exotic tour packages as well.

When is the best time to visit?

Sri Lanka has a tropical climate with two distinct wet seasons or monsoons. The southwest monsoon brings rain to that area of the island between April and September. The northeast monsoon takes place from October to January and only really affects the north and east coastal regions. Generally, you should expect rain for some time but with plenty of sunshine. Year-round high temperatures in coastal regions: Colombo averages 27°C. It is much cooler in the hills with Kandy averaging 20°C and Nuwara Eliya down to 16°C. Spring-like temperatures are felt in the hill country and is chilly in the evenings. Sea water temperature could range from 22 -27 degrees all year round.

What are Sri Lanka’s Passport, Visa, Vaccination & COVID 19 Requirements?

Passports All nationalities require a full passport that must be valid for 6 months beyond the intended length of stay. It is your responsibility to have the correct personal documents to enter Sri Lanka. Visa As visa requirements differ based on the country you are traveling from, we are unable to advise as a whole. Please be aware it is your responsibility to obtain a visa, if one is necessary. We recommend you visit Sri Lanka’s Tourism Website for further guidance. Your own country’s government should also be able to offer advice on travel to Sri Lanka. Vaccinations Please check with your own country’s health care to ask about what travel vaccinations, if any, you may require before traveling to Sri Lanka. COVID 19 Requirement Full details on all you need to know about making preparations to visit Sri Lanka including COVID-19 restrictions are available on Sri Lanka’s Tourism Website.

How do I give feedback on my trip?

We will send you an email after your trip has ended which will ask you to give feedback. Please give honest feedback as it is very helpful to us, and also add a couple of your favorite photographs which we will add to our gallery.

What are the wildlife and nature highlights of the tour?

• Wilpattu National Park: Experience a guided safari in Sri Lanka’s largest national park, known for its populations of leopards and other wildlife. • Minneriya/Kaudulla/Hurulu Eco Park: Take part in a safari to witness the world’s largest gathering of Asian elephants during their migration between these parks. • Udawalawe National Park: Embark on a safari where you can see large herds of elephants and other wildlife in their natural habitat. • Yala National Park: Enjoy two guided safaris in Sri Lanka's second-largest national park, renowned for having the highest density of leopards in the world. • Horton Plains National Park: Participate in a guided walk through this stunning highland park, famous for its breathtaking views and the unique World’s End precipice. • Sinharaja Rain Forest: Explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site with two guided walks, ideal for bird watching and discovering a plethora of endemic species.

What cultural sites will we visit during the tour?

  • Sigiriya/Lion Rock: Visit this iconic UNESCO World Heritage Site, known for its ancient rock fortress and frescoes.
  • Temple of the Tooth – Kandy: Explore this sacred site in Kandy, where the relic of the tooth of Buddha is housed, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Ancient Dutch Fortress – Galle: Discover this well-preserved colonial fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that echoes the historical European influence in Sri Lanka.

Are there any other activities included in the itinerary?

  • Bird-watching village cycle tour in Girithale: Enjoy a leisurely cycle around Girithale, observing local birdlife and experiencing village culture.
  • Guided walk in Udawatta Kele: Stroll through this ancient forest reserve right near the heart of Kandy, known for its rich avifauna and historical significance.

What wildlife can I expect to see during the safaris?

During your safaris across various national parks in Sri Lanka, you will encounter a rich diversity of wildlife:

  • Wilpattu National Park: Renowned for its "willus" or natural lakes, Wilpattu is the perfect habitat for leopards, elephants, sloth bears, spotted deer, sambar deer, water buffaloes, and an extensive variety of bird species, including the endemic and migrant birds.
  • Minneriya/Kaudulla/Hurulu Eco Park: These parks are famous for the "Elephant Gathering," where large herds of Asian elephants migrate between the parks depending on the season. Besides elephants, you might also see sambar deer, buffalo, and numerous aquatic bird species.
  • Horton Plains National Park: Here, you can spot abundant sambar deer grazing in the open grasslands, elusive leopards prowling quietly, and a variety of endemic bird species that flit through the montane forests. The park also hosts many varieties of butterflies, adding a splash of color to the verdant surroundings.
  • Udawalawe National Park: Known for its substantial elephant population, which can be seen year-round, this park also supports water buffalo, wild boar, spotted deer, and the elusive leopard.
  • Yala National Park: Boasting the highest density of leopards in the world, Yala is also home to a wide range of animals, including elephants, sloth bears, crocodiles, wild boars, and numerous species of birds including endemic and migrant birds. The park’s diverse habitats offer the chance to see these animals up close in their natural settings.
  • Sinharaja Rain Forest: While primarily a bird paradise, this UNESCO World Heritage Site also supports numerous species of mammals and butterflies, and is an excellent place for spotting endemic species (34) unique to the island.

Each park offers a unique ecosystem, providing sanctuary to a wide array of Sri Lanka's wildlife, making each safari a unique experience filled with exciting discoveries.

What type of accommodation can I expect?

Accommodations include comfortable and well-appointed 3*/4*/5* hotels, selected to enhance your experience of Sri Lanka’s natural beauty and cultural heritage, based on twin-sharing.

Are meals included in the tour package?

Yes, the tour package includes daily breakfast and dinner at the hotels. Lunches are generally on your own, allowing you to explore local cuisine.

What are the activities included in Girithale?

In Girithale, you will enjoy a scenic bicycle tour around the Girithale Reservoir, offering insights into local village life and the opportunity to engage with residents and participate in traditional Sri Lankan cooking.

What should I bring for the guided walks and safaris?

For the guided walks in Horton Plains and Sinharaja Rain Forest, as well as the safaris, it is recommended to bring comfortable walking shoes, a hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, and a suitable camera for wildlife photography. Lightweight rain gear might be useful as well.

How strenuous are the activities on this tour?

The activities range from moderate to active. This includes walking, cycling, and participating in safaris. Participants should be comfortable with a few hours of moderate physical activity.

How can I book this tour and what is the cancellation policy?

You can book the tour directly through our website or by contacting our customer service team. The cancellation policy includes a non-refundable deposit with the balance due 8 weeks before the tour start date. Detailed cancellation terms will be provided at the time of booking.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

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