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Things To Do

Wildlife There is no doubt that Sri Lanka has an extraordinary variety of wildlife. The island is home to over 20 national parks encompassing a variety of terrains. From the tropical rainforest in Singharaja to the highland grasslands in Hortons Plains, the island...

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Sri Lankan Gems

Sri Lankan Gems

Though there are nearly 75 varieties of coloured and colourless minerals to be found in the soil, there are about ten main species of gems that are quite prominent in the trade. Corundum family The corundum is the most important gem mineral found in Sri Lanka. Most of...

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Ceylon Tea

Ceylon Tea

Tea was introduced to Sri Lanka by the British and pioneered by James Taylor in 1867. The tea industry flourished, and Ceylon has come to be recognised as the world’s finest tea and has grown to be one of the main agricultural exports of Sri Lanka. Approximately 4% of...

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People The current population in Sri Lanka is 21.5 million which is made up of four main ethnic groups: Singhalese – (75%) the largest percentage of the Island’s population, and speak an Indo-Aryan language called Sinhala. Tamils – (15%) Tamils are subdivided into two...

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1. What are your offices hours?

We are open 24×7 local Australian time.
You can contact us on 

02 8317 5400 / 0485 881 722 / 0485 881 755

email: or send us a  message to any of our mobiles and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

2. Where can I check rates and availability?

If you have found a tour that you are interested in, send us a message and we will be happy to advise you of its rates and the latest availability.

3. What do I need to do to prepare for my arrival?

Full details on all you need to know about making preparations to visit Sri Lanka including COVID 19 restrictions are available on Sri Lanka’s Tourism Website.

Your tour’s itinerary will be sent to you once we have received your enquiry. This will include a daily overview of the trip and some other general tour information as well as anything you need to consider in advance. This will include things like information ATMs, currency, optional excursions, tipping, and packing lists.

Once your booking is confirmed and payment made, your final tour itinerary will be sent, approximately 2-3 weeks before you arrive, with full details including the hotels you will stay at.

4. How many people are allowed per tour?

We offer smaller packaged tours as we feel this gives a better experience for all, tour groups range in size but are generally from 5 – 18 people maximum.

Apart from this, we offer customized tours, solo tours, and Exotic tour packages as well.

5. When is the best time to visit?

Sri Lanka has a tropical climate with two distinct wet seasons or monsoons. The southwest monsoon brings rain to that area of the island between April and September. The northeast monsoon takes place from October to January and only really affects the north and east coastal regions. Generally, you should expect rain for some time but with plenty of sunshine. 

Year-round high temperatures in coastal regions: Colombo averages 27°C. It is much cooler in the hills with Kandy averaging 20°C and Nuwara Eliya down to 16°C. Spring-like temperatures are felt in the hill country and is chilly in the evenings.

Sea water temperature could range from 22 -27 degrees all year round.

6. What are Sri Lanka’s Passport, Visa, Vaccination & COVID 19 Requirements?

All nationalities require a full passport that must be valid for 6 months beyond the intended length of stay. It is your responsibility to have the correct personal documents to enter Sri Lanka.

As visa requirements differ based on the country you are traveling from, we are unable to advise as a whole. Please be aware it is your responsibility to obtain a visa, if one is necessary. We recommend you visit Sri Lanka’s Tourism Website for further guidance. Your own country’s government should also be able to offer advice on travel to Sri Lanka.

Please check with your own country’s health care to ask about what travel vaccinations, if any, you may require before traveling to Sri Lanka.

COVID 19 Requirement
Full details on all you need to know about making preparations to visit Sri Lanka including COVID-19 restrictions are available on Sri Lanka’s Tourism Website.

7. How do I give feedback on my trip?

We will send you an email after your trip has ended which will ask you to give feedback. Please give honest feedback as it is very helpful to us, and also add a couple of your favorite photographs which we will add to our gallery.

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